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  1. right? And when we discuss anything Evony doesn't like (even though Foxy stated in a post I read, even the bad things to hear out to the community), they close it, usually infract some people and/or play the ban/suspension of forum accounts.
  2. Lol isn't that why they made this dam site? so people could discuss, talk, and know each other more? Well.. there is more dam war in this website then in the game lol.
  3. That's what her problem was I think. LOL. Thanks too. You guys helped the purpose of the thread. I still don't see why she shut the dam thing down. She told me a bunch of BLAH BLAH BLAH...Evony is Nazi-Police...BLAH. LOL
  4. Yea i know lol.. wonder if Foxy couldn't take you on haha. you did some nice research bro.
  5. Thanks, would have been better if Evo-Police didn't shut it down. LOL
  6. Nice thread mate.
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