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  1. Well I hope boredom inspires you to come back once again You stay safe too
  2. Haha just passing though, boredom has inspired me to check up on Enjoy yourself, and stay safe bud!
  3. Indeed it has shep! Welcome back.
  4. Thanks for the Birthday wish dude! It's been awhile since I have been on
  5. Happy birthday shep
  6. shepshepshepshepshepshepshep shep!!
  7. Hey shep, I took the avatar request to someone else, you can make one too, I'll still use it, just sayin. Come back
  8. Cool, im glad you like it bud. Truthfully when I saw that render, for some reason I thought of
  9. Thanks!! It now fits.
  10. btw, You give 3 points :P

    1. Join date
    2. 50 posts
    3.100 rep
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