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  1. Its a nice feeling once you are finally able to quit, you will have sentimental feelings every once and awhile tho. Im doing pretty good, Busy as he** with school. On spring break tho, and boy did I need it. I was slowly killing myself from lack of
  2. Ive been good finally quit playing Evony . Now im just lurking in the forums from time to time how bout u?
  3. Buddy!!!!!! How ya been??
  4. sheepppyyyyy
  5. Im good trying to learn how to use gimp and start making sigs so far its a dissaster :/ LOL. Raven quit I think thats why hes not mod.
  7. Yeah Adeptwa got them into trouble with s5 and s6 before the mrege so both s6 and s5 decided to go toe to toe against the Mighty sion LOL.
  8. LMAO Well I was certainly happy when I logged in and seen Sion, the #1 alliance from S4 was brought to its knees. The nights I would dream of doing it They are notorious for Botting. I just wish I coulda been there to see
  9. im from SS38 LOL, Server 6 all the way baby LOL.
  10. Yea, I had the problem on Server 4 of Age 1, now SS38 or something. I play NA1 now, or did. But I am not sure whether it would be worth it or not, it just isnt the same without my old alliance members.
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