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  1. yea i know play on age 2 NA4 but i got hit buy that loy bug its sucks
  2. ever now and then ill get on kikyo accout but for the most part i quit mine
  3. hey are you still playing mikyo?
  4. i found a person to fight that not inactive w00t buth e keep taking my lakes and he wont die so how have you been i see you in WC a bit
  5. It great foods not as good lol juts siting around city shopping or looking for a fight with someone who aint inactive
  6. oh well it does happen. how is it over there? i was about to go over to Sion as well and hang out for a bit.
  7. lol yea forgot to tell you i left nafta7 and went over to sion-M2
  8. sever4 nafta7 lol
  9. hehe thanks. i don't keep track of friends in the evony board nor did it occur to me to be "friend" status with others on this. ^_^ btw which alliance are you a part of?
  10. Im i your only friend? i must be very liek my you being the only one lol
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