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  1. Omgitsyourbirthdayhappybirthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
  2. ok ty he has been annoying me for past 3days
  3. So you know I did edit it out and warn him, but I also edited out you telling him to bleep off. That is also against the rules. If he bugs you again don't react just click the "report post" button and we'll take care of it in future!
  4. Note 2: Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties is forbidden.
    Note 3: Posting of any players' ingame coordinates is forbidden.
    Note 4: Public accusations of cheating or rule-breaking by another player/member are not allowed. Proper reports of such activity may be made through our customer service center.
    rule 2 and 4 he broke and btw he made up that discsion
  5. no check what balaam said he is stalkin me around the place lol and inselting me
  6. You mean checking the servers for merging? Unfortunately, mods cannot. Check here to see who can and cannot do what in-game. Moderators have the same rights and authority in-game as you do - Unless you want me to merge threads on the forums, in which case please send me the links you want merging and I'll look at it!
  7. can u check out n1-n4 wn1-wn4 forum and treadh wn1 wn2 wn3 wn4 need merge and check balaam posts
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