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  1. *Gives Kite a hug*
  2. Sad Panda.
  3. Hey, Kite! Aww, to the internet access thing.
  4. Of course you would. It's 'come in as one of your characters, or make one up off the cuff', as far as that inn goes.
  5. I think I recognize some of those characters people are using at The Inn...
  6. Remember, Kite: jannge would normally be in school at this time...or at the very least, getting prepared for school. Also, he tends to rush us, but takes his own freaking sweet time.
  7. That depends on whether or not the community needs me here.
  8. Which would be: Welcome back! Are you staying long?
  9. Right, right. So now that we have discovered that I am not in fact an undead being, let's move on to the second order of business.
  10. Well, since you're also not trying to get an oral blood transfusion, you're not a vampire, either.
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