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  1. Aww. 2bad4u.
  2. I had you down to 2HP but I lost. I was waiting for a Fire Blast but it never came.
  3. I'm in the middle of the duel. I'll tell you in a minute.
  4. Did you win?
  5. Well the CPU took over you on my end...
  6. CPU just took you over. I'll try again.
  7. Sorry, I got held up in RL. I just typed your name in there.
  8. I'll play my Gravity deck.
  9. Okay, just let me finish off a duel.
  10. Alright. If you play on the main site click PVP Duel and type my name in.
    I've already got yours in. I'll be waiting .
    (Arbalest right?)
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