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  1. It's okay, I've missed yours too, so we're even. Happy Belated
  2. Dang it i miss this every year..... Happy birthday buttercup!
  3. bahahaha, smart girl i wish i would have never started this game... i dont get how u can be a mod id hate being up to my neck in the evony bs because they dont know how to run a game!

    they get rid of "glitches" but not 3rd party bots freaking INSANE!
  4. LOL I would never. Actually my last sever alliance heads told me to cheat or leave. So I left...
  5. I would but starting up new is not my idea of fun anymore... Waaay too many issues now a days if you know what I mean.
  6. you should come play In mine for awhile as long as im still around LOL
  7. My server died a long time ago.
  8. pretty upset at evony lol, but other then that just peachy keen! haha you should so comment on my thread i just made! how is your server going is it about to die like mine?
  9. Indeed <3 How are you?
  10. how are you buttercup? miss me?
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