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  1. Sure on Skype sometime! lol
  2. Does that mean you will sing that song?
  3. I got a mic! And you can't put names in there, it's infractable even if you are right I saved you some aggrivation is all lol
  4. edited my post ((((

    lol prob deserved it anyway....

    When are you going to get that mic?
  5. *sigh* not yet...
  6. Get that mic yet?
  7. Just put it on your shopping list
  8. lol when I get a new mic!
  9. So when can I get you on vent to sing this song?
  10. I met a little host down on server 2
    I sent him pm asking "who are you?" he said Joda
    J-O-D-A jo-ho-da

    He talks of Yippie but I can't understand
    Because I've never heard of him up in Swabia land
    Just of Joda
    Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo Joda

    Well I've been around but I ain't never seen
    A host who kicks so much butt and yet his rep isn't green
    Oh, my Joda
    Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo Joda

    Well I don't mod server 2 at all
    But as a moderator I do tend to web crawl
    And I've been watching your big ego thread
    I'm glad all this fame hasn't gone to your head
    I've been real amused with your posts before
    But I'm hoping this song's not a total bore
    For my Joda
    Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo Joda
    Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo Joda

    Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo Joda
    Jo-Jo-Jo-Jo Joda

    *insert guitar solo*
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