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  1. Ps its out now
  2. alright i can do that
  3. Well if it doesnt work for you coem to Demonic k ?
  4. Join demonic and rule the world
  5. ok..... good luck with that i wish u guys best of luck!
  6. Like who make a group for it so we will know who all is gonna join demonic has 38 peoples right now
  7. naa... i got lots of people coming as of right now so... mabye later but not now for sure
  8. Sorry dude......I'm joining Demonic you should join!
  9. i didn't like the alliance anymore... i am starting an alliance in 143 and u better join me XD or else i will kill you.... war alliance.... no allies.... no name yet.....VH positions TBD
  10. Join 143!!! Demonic is what i'm going to be in also what happened on 140 the alliance died!!?!
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