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  1. you got a spy in your alliance.

    2,do you know when your getting attack you normal tele then you adv tele does the attacker get your coords?

  2. Nope, I am Esschalou and Dark only.
  3. arnt ya DarkShadow?
  4. No, I am still on 116.
  5. so what happen? were did you go? you still play 116????
  6. you had problems logging on today?
  7. I am no longer in BloodRed, which means I am not in Bohemia anymore. If you can defend yourself until the people in the alliance that I run can reinforce, you are welcome to join us. You will be a member until I see how you act, then I will start the promoting there. If you fail to follow the rules, I will kick you and kill you myself. Teleport to Moravia if you think you can handle an alliance. The reason I am saying this is because Scordisc is there and we are working on getting them as friendly.
  8. i just want someone to hit...Bohemia seems like a desert all the cities are mostly dead wich is bad. i just want to see how Skillz is and his Crew of Wolves.
  9. Dude, why do you insist on starting trouble? I won't attack you at all, I just want to know what alliance you are in, and what your account name is. You have my word, I will not tell anyone at all. I keep my word, and no one will know nothing about you.
  10. who is "kailbomb" lmao scout bomb that fool. lmao but things look good the war is still going on, and i really dont know what side is winning right now. lolol
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