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  1. I'd ask a rep if I were you. If anyone had the answers, it'd be them.
  2. Ok, just wanted to see who his second was
  3. Can't stay away, eh?
    I think maybe Attribute was a multi to someone, unless Attribute is someone in your alliance. Personally, I don't have access to the list of IPs or Bannings, so I wouldn't know.
  4. i just want to know who atributes second account was?
  5. i just wanna no who atributes 2nd acc was?
  6. ok, but u stop postin on my page
  7. If you want me to leave you alone, then stop posting on my page.
  8. no really, apart from y dont u leave me alone?
  9. Any more obvious question you would like to ask me?
  10. err, no, so go away plz. or not, as i dont care
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