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  1. I can't speak text language because text language is for complete and utter morons who cannot spell at all. I've noticed that all of your friends speak like that. Tell me, are you all in a mental hospital together?
    Also, Pi was joking. He doesn't hate the mods. He just makes fun of them. So no, I was not lying to you. Don't accuse me of doing it again.

    Trolling - The act of saying something stupid to amuse no one but the person who said it.

    Baiting - The act of saying something to someone just to get them angry at you. Another act of Trolling.
  2. so, u lied 2 me, and y cant u speak txt language?
    and what is Trolling/Baiting
  3. Pi, shut it. Lol.
    Also, please use full words. It takes me awhile to figure out what you say otherwise.
    Ban Evasion - The act of making another account to try and elude a ban which was placed upon the user. These "Ban Evaders" are almost always caught and are invoked with a permanent ban.
    Also, for Cow's ban, look at my last post on your page.
  4. yh, but y ban him and atribute, who has a permant ban 4 "ban evasion" what is that
  5. I think you heard the wrong side of the story. You and your alliance mates started it by saying that Wildor and FB are snitches. We don't take kindly to people who hate on the mods.
    Anyway, I asked cow-whatever to stop three times, as well as the others. They stopped, but your friend thought he was the injured party and continued. After three times of asking him, and him completely ignoring me, I decided he was beyond hope and reported him for Trolling/Baiting. I would have done the same to my friends if they had continued.
  6. hey man, why gang up on cowyking, banning him and not every1 else who where also being mean to him
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