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  1. morning! now come on skype! :P
  2. ok well if you fancy using it again add Reth84 to your contacts :P
  3. lol okay -do you use skype?
  4. okay -but you better say hi as soon as you get back! get in skype too!!
  5. hey where'd yah go?! >.> must have been something i said... *cries*
  6. lol well mine isnt insomnia its pain >.< ....aaanyway.... you up for some rp or are you doing other stuff?
  7. thats good news to me then cause then we're on the same clock :P -although atm i'm not sleeping much... so i'm pretty much awake most of the time ^^
  8. you in the UK aswell? I hope you slept well then :P
  9. *poke* morning
  10. okay thanks
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