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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'll be adding them momentarily, and giving you credit for it too of course. Thanks again for the help =)
  2. [1IMG][/IMG]

    trying to make it easy for ya..
    Take out the "1" in front of each "IMG"
    And post straight into the guide.
  3. In order complying w/ the order in the guide..

  4. The scout report isn't too important. Whatever format you think works best is fine, and same size please. Thanks =)
  5. Is there any kind of format you want?
    I cant get the scout report to work..
    Everything else can be the same size if thats how you would like it?
  6. That'd be great, thanks!
  7. If you need those reports turned to images..
    I can do it for you if you would like..
    Let me know and I will help out.
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