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  1. ........................
  2. Awh all those free drink's thrown away :O
  3. i dont really visit the bar anymore
  4. Emma Why you hide the bar miss you and no new people and it's only me and D:O
  5. rl is a real **** sometimes isn't it? lol
  6. Awh Emma you no play 158 no more ?
    Think it's HellsBack on your account now

    Had a nice chat with you well him and turns around and say's you leave
    Atleast you still in the forums :cheers:
  7. I Rairly give rep out littile effort i think
  8. i maxed out my rep for the day...almost always do
  9. Loving the Comment in "The ban game " I had it coming i need to spread some rep when i do yall gets some
  10. Happy Christmas to you 2
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