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    I went hunting since you VM me lol there you go .
    I'll be doing the last 1 soon
  2. Yup i got them 2 . Also the 3 Roman fractions .
    Bruti,Scipi,Juli . I thought if you Eliminate other fractions you would be able to control them later on in game , But i Wiped Spain,Brtian and Egypt off the map lol .
    Wonder if there are hidden goals to unlocking them or something
    Don't mind my spelling mate lol
  3. yeah i got carthage and greece but it wouldnt let me get any more. i dont know why.
  4. I play it now and again . Stopped playing it like 3 week's ago because i couldn't get no more fractions lol
  5. i heard somewhere you play rome total war?
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