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  1. welcome back, again lol, how are ya?
  2. I realize now i said the same thing last time i popped in....
  3. Heyyy long time no see, eh?
  4. lol nice, well you havent missed much, Few less spambots here is the highlights
  5. I'm fine, found a new gaming obsession. Thought I would check to see how it's going here.
  6. indeed it has been, how are you mate?
  7. Ssf whats up? Long time no see!
  8. Yeah thats pretty small. a lot of people play that way now, which saddens me. If i wasnt playing ss38, idk if i could play a new server full time, Its just not the same. Most people give up and wait for the next server if they get beaten on a new server, you will never learn that way. You can ALLWAYS rebuild, No mater how badly they beat you down, They can 0 your last city and cap it, you can allways come back. If youve got an alliance that will help you, Mates to back you up, You can rebuild, you can come back stronger, and hit them with a bigger stick.

    old friend of mind had a great theory for that. If he failed at first, He would double his army, if that failed, tripple it, if that failed, Bring homies with 4x the original each and gang bang the bajezuz outta em.
  9. yeah im a very small player (biggest i ever got on age l is 90k after a month lol) but your history reminded me that if you just stick it out, itll (usually) work out in the end. thats my problem. i give up on servers too easily.
  10. Nope, i gave up 164 some time back now, the pace of new servers bores me, I dont like rushing. took me 3 going on four years to get where im at on ss38.

    i know im not the fastest player in existence, nor am i the best fighter, but by jeez ive had a good time getting to where i am.

    glad you enjoyed reading my history thread. Thats why i made it, Because Sometimes reliving history can be as good as writing it.

    thats not to say ill never join another server again, cause id be lying, i do quite often, but never last more then 24 hrs normally.
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