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  1. Hmmm, just thought about something...With regards to the disjunctive argument, how can they both be false if they are mutually exclusive? Seeing as the sum of the probability of all mutually exclusive possibilities is 1?
  2. Don't mind at all
  3. hey, I wanted to ask you if you minded extended the debate phase duration to 4 days as opposed to 2?
  4. Would love to And yes, I think I do...But then again, I might have misinterpreted...I'll just summarise each so you can tell me?

    1) Modus Ponens
    Simple reasoning. If A is ... then B is ... .

    2) Modus Tollens
    Simple reasoning in reverse. If B isn't ... then A isn't ... .

    3) Hypothetical Argument
    I'm not quite sure how to explain this better than your example...But I'm pretty sure I understand it

    4) 4 chain argument
    Same as above...Kinda like Modus Ponens repeated over and over to draw a conclusion.

    5) Disjunctive argument
    Not sure I do get this one...Could you explain a little further please?

    6) Universal Instantiation (UI)
    Definitely get this But again, can't improve on your example...

    7) Universal Syllogism
    Same as 6?

    I definitely get all of the second group
  5. I asked someone else before you, still waiting on their response. If they refuse or don't get back to me on time though do you mind if I put your name as a judge? It may be a bit tedious as I haven't limited the length of topics; however, if you have the time I'd definitely be willing to take you on.

    Also, do you understand all of the fallacies and logical deductive forms?
  6. Do you need judges for debating? I'd love to help out...Even with rep or anything for winners if you need I don't know how much I give though...
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