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  1. yeah better grow urself first rather then helping others
  2. I realy have not focused on myself as it has all been getting my resources better off to help the others in my alliance. Which does not award you in eather Honor or Prestige to much ya know. lmao

    Perhaps i should leave a bit of time for me things to improve my account.
  3. oh lol not bad but bit low u know pres farming is easy not that hard so u can go for it easily
  4. Things look bad for my alliance. Most of the core active have left and formed another alliance. I may have to find some new friends soon. With No Honor as i am a suply resource guy. I do have 4 Cities. Near enough to get my fifth one in a week. I am a General Baron with 325,247 Prestige right now.
  5. lol so what's ur prestige on server 36 and if u wanna quit what with ur account?
  6. Wizards is in deep SH^it trying to save there jobs right now. Busted on the 4th Edition AD&D and tanked out badly. All there egg's are on mostly magic right now. Harsbro as I think is the one who owns them is realy threatening them right now. If this is as a sign. Evony might be in some reseious trouble considering. It's a No brainer. My current friends quit Evony I will not hesitate to go to DDO right away.
  7. oh nice hope it wow went free too soon hehe
  8. Dungeons and Dragons. There MMO just went free and is up there with WOW and close the EverQuest level of gaming.
  9. aye what is d&d lol ?
  10. I am considering quiting and going to OOD. D&D just became free. So Evony might see the last of me very shortly if its as good as my friends say it is. Or at least much less of me.
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