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  1. How you doin matey?
  2. Hey Drizz...

  3. Good to have you back!!
  4. Hey Drizz! Wanna start a thread like that? Look at my post in the bar:
  5. LoL will do .. n' if she keeps up the attitude i'll be kickn her to the curb anywho
  6. LOL! Tell her an old and ugly Frenchman salutes her beauty! And if she ever gets tired of you...
  7. my gf... who is now being a moody bich lol ><
  8. Hey Drizzz... who's the babe?
  9. I can't figure out why you weren't on my friends list already!! I keep forgetting about that part of the whole deal. Thanks for the request,man!
  10. man.. i say so much random shyt... i couldnt tell ya lol
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