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  1. That's me
  2. wow...i am guessing you are spoonerxd on new server
  3. Yes I was permanent banned twice... Unheard of I know.
    I talked one of the important staff (not allowed to say his name) and he got me un banned the 1st time, then hours later I was banned again, Talked to him again and he un banned me a few hours later.
  4. perma banned?
  5. Not Smiley, It worked out awesome on 153 until I got perma banned twice. Then it fell apart, Day later I got un banned... Again.

    But I will be hosting a small alliance.
  6. will you be making smiley there?
  7. Yes I will be.
    Got into some Evony trouble on 153... Gonna start fresh
  8. hey spoon, you going on new server?
  9. spooner were u host of smileyXD on 149
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