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  1. Alright... ill tell u when im done...
  2. I can't get onto skype if you don't.... please man I'm serious
  3. uhh... thats about 150 messages to delete...
  4. Do me a favor AND DELETE YOUR LAG BOMB!!!!!!
  5. I'll be the prosecutor in the Murder Trial....
  6. I mean... in Pie vs Cake. Your on the Jury, who are you rooting for?
  7. 私は、無知と偏見に基づく審査員になりたい。忘れてはいけないが、他のメンバーです。

    That should answer your question.
  8. Ummmm.... SAINTS!!!!!!
  9. Test Question:

    Who are you rooting for?
  10. I'm on the jury!!!
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