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  1. Sure i am!
    129 is okay.. periods of ultimate boredome tho. Still hoping for a merge.

    Nice that all is well for you there! So you're not coming back huh.. :P
  2. Its going well over here... it is good to start at the start for once... we have a good bunch of crew but need a few more, when that happens we will be unstoppable how has 129 been treating you, are you missing me much???
  3. aw, busy bee huh?
    And how are things on 144?
    Ive started there 2. but in some way the account got resetted ( maybe cause i was a bit inactive) so I've given up :P
  4. I am going well matey... I am off 129 now just living it up on 144 whenever i can with uni... so yeh going well, what about you?
  5. Thats correct. Theres only one true Luda tho, though ive seen there was one on 141 aswell

    How are you?
  6. Luda as in 129 luda?
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