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  1. He's only suspended for a day. He got a little out of hand is all.
  2. hey foxy... it's been a long time since I've annoyed you ^_^ anyway I was wondering what happened to ahmed.... no wonder there no pictures that has his comments... just want to know what happened, too bad see a friend get banned T_T
  3. hey I really like the power rangers ^_^
    and if 2012 arrives, you wish we were real =P
  4. no prob ^_^ hehe catch you later ^_^
  5. I hadn't seen it. THanks for the heads up!

    I'm surprised at how this thread is still alive, how come no mods see this is? especially Bonzai?
  7. There is no way to track rep that I know of. I'm sorry.
  8. Oh, that Foxy IS beautiful, isn't she? She used to hang out here a lot when I first started, but I've not seen her in a while. And no, that isn't me. If you see her around though, say hello. She's not just pretty, she's a really nice girl!
  9. somebody with lower than 50 posts, gave me a rep, it's just that the comment said, stupid. can I track him/her?
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