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  1. yup.... anyway have fun in here... really kool place to be.
  2. I didn't say I was agreeing with him or trying to insult you.
    Just forget it.
    Leave it be.
  3. ummm r u agreeing with him and trying to offend me some how or what???? a single friend who's mod thought cannot be considered as a friend list
  4. Well he does have a friend, but okay, it's the opinions.
  5. than y the hell will he say like that about me... when he don't even have a wall mesage or a friend. neither have any profile info. nothing and he still know's me isn't that strange? and also he visited my profile first time
  6. I kinda do understand forums. He joined last month, which is not really new, so I wouldn't take it that it's a fake account.
  7. ur new here and won't understand ... leave it anyway good night c u around bye
  8. Idk about that, he's got 47 posts.. but okay.
  9. bcoz he do know me and is one of my enemy in here... he saw over conversation and made a new account to insult me... becasue he/she didn't wanted to get infraction points for his real account
  10. How would know if the account is fake or not?
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