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  1. Yeah I know, also not allowed at work I missed ya too! Has there been anything interesting here I've missed or has it been same old same old for ya?
  2. lol yeah tell me about it! (well the active part) I've been good, working a lot and our laptop broke so I haven't had a lot of access to the internet when not at work. Oh AND at work they've blocked evony now cause too many people wasted too much time on it (but not YouTube...Go figure!)

    How you been?
  3. oh wow hey i thought u have quit or left lol
    glad ur still here hun
    never ever saw u on skype neither msn
  4. same here working in game to **** of top rank clan alredy killed many of them lol
  5. Pretty good! Working as usual *snore* what about you?
  6. lol yeah so how u doing
  7. "lol j/k coz i know i am the worth to be missed nvm" ? SO confused! lol it's all good
  8. lol j/k coz i know i am the worth to be missed nvm
  9. Exactly like you lol How'd ya guess?
  10. lol ummm what kind of ppl??
    u mean like me
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