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  1. Lol! Lucky having nice allies.
  2. Sorry, was in the middle of hitting a hitter who tried to hit a hitter from my alliance. (WOW THAT'S A TONGUE TWISTER!). Eh that may be a bit hard, what ranking are you alliance?
  3. Yes actually lol, I'm good at diplomacy, talking my way out of things... never done I normally don't try, someone hits me i'll just send a mech at them lol.
  4. Nah man sorry, sticking with my one server for a while, but if need help on attack/defense just VM or PM me on here I'll help you out
  5. Lol their's a lot more to learn :P
  6. i need a lesson on how to kill waves of 100k archers when they took out all your AT's lol
  7. If their taking your war cities, you need a lesson on attacking and defending.
  8. well i have enough troops/hero's

    the 1 problem is, that ppl keep doing it to me and have been taking all my war cities
  9. Yeah I've done it loads of times, well you obviously need to be able to farm a 10.. I use a hero thats capable to farm a 10 (normally 200+ attack) and then my politics hero on second wave and then it doesn't matter about the hero's on the rest! Techs are the one's you need to farm a 10. I can't really remember which one's they are because I've had all techs 10 for ages!

    Hope this helps, any more questions just ask Kilzer.
  10. about you thread on how to instanly take a b10.are you sure it will work? any needed techs? hero att? anything?
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