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  1. did you just give me permission to troll on threads

    but yes, next time we think of an awesome song, will try to link it with a soon to be dead thread
  2. Okay.

    Please just try not to do that again except for completely failed threads, troll threads, or spam threads...

    If you want to troll, troll there.
  3. i believe we both can quite easily delete the posts :/
    we just used it as a spring board to bounce off ideas til we finish.

    all we did was minorly derail the thread, while talking about mods at the same time
  4. I'll be honest with you:

    You are indicating trolling that should not have been done in that thread, and therefore are encouraging others to go to said thread and start spamming in there like you did...

    Second of all, you could at least remove the redirects, and start a troll thread that I wouldn't mind existing if it is kept clean...
  5. why what did i do there
  6. I never saved the avatar he gave me as a subsitute...LOL...
  7. where! i must see your fail
  8. I epic failed on Dawn...I think I'll try someone else...
  9. well i posted a reply to your siggy/avatar in OT
  10. happy birthday, go hit the bars!

    bring me back a cold one
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