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  1. *Detonates a Ban-nuke on the both of us*

    Only I can survive that...never mind the orcs!!!
  2. boles gone!!!!! noes!!!!!!!!

    *must fight back the ban-swords...*

    cant touch this!

  3. *Bans Bole*

    Another casualty of war!!! (I probably shouldn't have said that...)

    *Grabs Ban-Sword and charges...*
  4. backflip! you missed!

    yea... im still around.. tormenting bole...
  5. *Chops Ban-stick in half, and proceeds to pwn his original target*

    Ahh, so you are active on the forums still?

  6. hyah! banstick!

    but in all seriousness, i have left the evony S1 game... i was termed a legend on S1... so i needed to make a thread where people can hate on me
  7. I thought you were leaving the forums.

    Well, I can solve that...

    *Grabs Ban-Sword*
  8. dont think your getting rid of me that easily
  9. You will be missed.
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