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  1. We might have a double roast AA......seeing as how me and nate are tied....what a twist.
  2. absolutely I will! Have a good day IRL
  3. hey AA, seeing as how il be offline 4 a day tmarrow, can you check 2 see if new nominations have been put up? its tied between me and Natelove-n1. each 3 votes.....
  4. k il pm them tmarrow....probably in like 10 hrs though...
  5. Sure Just let me know the details! I'm off to bed tho :P
  6. hey il let a mod or some1 else host the roasts....interested?
  7. SIR LYONS? Can't be you You host it!
  8. any1 else in mind?
  9. I think Boozehound is too obvious
  10. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one
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