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  1. lol i know the feeling
  2. I've been retired for a couple months but stick around just cause it gets funny around here at times. I also use this to take study breaks ...
  3. thinking 3 or 6 months ... not sure I'll stick around, if captchas come to 154 I'll holiday or reset then chargeback ... I respect the "kill bots" attempt but this will effect everyone and not just bots
  4. I was just curious is all ... I guess you have to be on forums for so many days before you get your next promo
  5. no sir, why ?
  6. Can u see who repped you yet?
  7. Sweet P or Laz made a guide regarding that, I dont have time atm to find it but it shouldnt be hard. 300 posts should do it I would think.
  8. lol, I appreciate it. Wonder how much longer it will take me to get to Baronet
  9. ahh ur only a knight for some reason ... once you get baronet you can see who reps you without a name being left ... that was a classic Lucas rep tho
  10. lol, you referring to the speak careful comment ? ... the name of who leaves rep doesn't show unless you write it in
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