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  1. Yuppers tell me what you want?
  2. Hey chick ... you up for a new sig ?
  3. and MLF comes through again. Thank you maam
  4. You and your name changes, honestly lol.
  5. Good afternoon Morgan. Any chance I can get you to make a change to the avatar you made me ? .... name changed from MudSlide to llililill ... would like to fix that front license plate ...

    The name will be hard to see so I will space the letters for you ... all lower case

    L L I L I L I L L

    Much love

  6. Great Work ma'am
  7. you are the bestest
  8. *rolls eyes* lol yeah I can do that
  9. You mind making a correction to the name ... change Barracade to MudSlide please
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