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  1. It is only a temporary adventure. I stopped two days ago when I ran out of pineapple orange juice.
  2. It tends to have a cumulative effect on my processing. A week after a serious night drinking and my math skills are still only about 80%. Since I take my gaming very seriously, I tend to avoid big drinking nights. Sad but true.
  3. I slept of course. I wasn't trying to say I've been awake for 3 weeks. From 7 am to noon I was a normal college student attending classes and doing school work, but outside of those hours.....yeah.
  4. Impressive. My longest drunk was about fourteen hours; after three weeks, I wouldn't even be making complete sentences. No semicolons; dangling prepositions -- I know; nothing to make light of. Seriously - you're remarkably coherent, and I salute you for it.
  5. Oh...ok. Yeah, I know what you're talking about now. See, I've been drunk for essentially the past 3 straight weeks and really have no memory of any of the posts I've made lately. I honestly thought you were being sarcastic when you thanked me. A lot of my recent posts have been VERY unnecessarily angry and mean spirited. But I do remember that thread and thought it fit in OT just fine, there was no reason to close it.
  6. Oh, it was the one entitled "Today", and I spat out some interesting birthdays and trivia about the day in history. Perhaps it's not the most interesting thread, but it's certainly not worthy of being annihilated for just that.
  7. I'm still not following you. Which thread and what did I say? I'm not known for being the kindest aruond here.
  8. For the kind words upon the killing of my thread a few days back. It's appreciated.
  9. What are you thanking me for?
  10. Never did say thanks. Thanks.
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