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  1. Hey again.
    I saw your post on the AgeII attack button and having trouble with it and the colonise button as well. I declared on someone a few hours ago and it was workng fine. i logged out because of family things and i came back online to finish taking the city. Now it wont let me send an attack or colonise even though ive got bout 45 hours left on war declaration. The person isnt in truce so i dont know whats up.

    Im on NA22 and im 360DegFlem and was attacking Fez310
  2. I'm not familiar with any current problems like that. I would suggest putting in a customer service ticket. Perhaps our tech support can help.
  3. Hello FoxyBunny,
    Is there something wrong with the AgeI and AgeII servers. A thread was posted earlier saying that all problems regarding Chats scrolling up and down were resolved but it has continued on the servers i am on. Also the servers keep freezing i cant send attacks all i can do is talk on Alliance Chat.

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