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  1. Ah, cool.
  2. Yeah, life's a real...pain at times. Being in university now, I know that. Me? I'm fine, just tired. Got up early to get dressed and stuff. Going to see a movie today with a friend.

  3. Feeling like RL hates me. Otherwise not bad. How are you?
  4. Hola, amiga! Haven't talked to you in..forever? How are ya?
  5. *waves* Hey, Elana.

  6. You said so yourself. (:
  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I'm a slow typer.
  8. I'm sure we'll survive and keep them under our thumb somehow.

    Thanks. I know Jurnis and Holey really can't wait to wear dresses when they reach Prinzessin.
  9. Fun fact: We are only two girls between who knows how many other guys in Academy, actively posting. God help us, how will we survive?

    And congrats on Prinzessin.
  10. Go to Off topic, or any other random section I suppose. There's a announcement stuck. Your name is there. I'd give the link, but, y'know...
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