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  1. pffft! I remember everyone! lolol don't know why you would want to come back here
  2. simi! still active% sorry i kinda quit for 2 years bahaha. Wonder if u remember me :P
  3. is .... that on ice? lol

    In New Zealand, we are big on field hockey
  4. lmao only bantam lvl hockey but still :P
  5. ooooo what kinda hockey?
  6. lmao game got over addicting took a break now girlfriendless and hockey on the schedule 24/7 thought id have time for this again lmao :P
  7. hahaha I do remember seeing you around yes
    wow 99 days? you taking the twelve step program to quit this place?
    where you been?
  8. old signature maker :P havent been on here for 99 days lol
    and i remember loving your work
  9. lol where do you remember me from??
  10. warsimi! i remember u! any chance u remember me?
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