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  1. Oh my, you love being difficult, don't you? Ok, I'm taking that as a yes.
  2. Maybe........peasant.
  3. There you go again... be polite and respond.
  4. Lol, well, would you join at least?
  5. But I don't wanna make a caveman roleplaaaaaaaaaay.
  6. You are sooo much like the reps... you refuse to respond to anything I send you unless I pester you.
  7. Milo, that caveman RP. You wanna try it, cause I'd do it.
    Reply yes or no.
  8. lol, Milo... you're right. We found out new Rik.
  9. Oy, Milo, you're needed in the WM RP.
  10. Oh, that's why. lol
    I never friended him. Just doesn't seem right for someone like me to be a friend of a rep.
    well, thanks anyways. Now I know.
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