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  1. Nah, the childrens site was for you purely.
  2. And you just keep digging deeper and deeper. It's a childrens site that doesn't accurately report on anything. Not in one credible news source were you able to find that any nation believed Iraq had nuclear capabilities so you bring me a childrens site. Maybe that site is more your speed to begin with.
  3. This link is hust for you, it from Newround, a BBC news programme, aimed a children:

    "Tony Blair and George Bush think Saddam has nuclear weapons, which he may use against Britain or America."
  4. Just accept that you were wrong and move on, because the more you try and deflect it the more I can show you contradicting yourself.
  5. " Originally Posted by CraigMac View Post
    Wait, didn't many countries think Iraq had nuclear wepons? Yeah, that stopped that war..."

    "Abracax - The Iraq war was sold to the general public - at least one of the reasons was Iraq attaining nuclear weapons at the VERY least (some did believe Iraq had nuclear weapons). So the war - it could be argued then the war was over nuclear weapons."

    You said some did believe that Iraq had nuclear weapons. Also, I was talking about nations with nuclear weapons already, not trying to develop them. More nations than you know have been stopped from developing nuclear arms. If you take India and Pakistan for instance, they both have a nuclear arsenal and therefore have been willing to talk about peace and come to some compromises. If it were not for those nuclear arms they would still be in open conflict with each other as they were since the founding of Pakistan as a nation.
  6. You should really read what I write.
  7. Yes a nuclear program to develop nuclear weapons. No actual nuclear weapons. The WMD's referred to all had to do with the fact that Saddam's regime was spraying villages with serin gas and releasing biological attacks on their own people. You really should read those articles you keep posting, not one of them claims that Iraq had any nuclear capability but were trying to develop it.

    "the Bush administration's prewar nuclear case to be insubstantial or untrue"
  9. No one ever believed Iraq ever had any nuclear weapons. There was evidence in the past that Iraq was exploring the possibility, but that is as far as it went. Not one person on earth believed they had nuclear weapons. It was all about chemical and biological weapons.
  10. I drink Canadian Whiskey, 100 proof. Makes a very fine antifreeze in the winter time lol
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