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  1. lol Go for it! I love it! I have a few others but I'll change my sig out every now and then
  2. i may have to steal it from you and put it on my myspace, lol.
  3. lol Thanks. It rocks my socks. I saw it on an icon and put it on my myspace. It's my fav!
  4. haha, i'm lovin the tooth fairy sig!!!
  5. ah, thanks, lol.
  6. oh I think I figured out why your pic isn't coming up. There is a place to put your avatar also. Kinda weird but it's two different things. Hope that helps.
  7. Wow that would be so cool if I did win! Everyone is beautiful in their own way though so this should be pretty fun to watch and see how everything turns out. I'm glad to be apart of it.
    I really can't help it though. I've become extremely addicted and I even got a few people to join who wont stop playing either. lol
    It's a freakin cool game! Thanks for the nice words. Makes it easier for me to play when reading that too!
  8. Np! Your a beautiful girl and I hope you win!!! Makes me feel better about spending hours playing this game...nice to know that beautiful people play these types of games, lol.
  9. Thank you for the kind words about me on the forum.
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