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  1. Eric's was better
  2. Ive had a lot of threads ive loved in this forum.

    my server 6 history thread, The server 6 trash talk thread, The dacia recruitment thread, All of which are archived and i miss them and there glory days, a bit of you does die when your favorite threads go to the great forum in the sky.

    but like losing a pet, with time you do get over it, and find a new pet you love just the same.

    good answer?
  3. I already asked the king of orange this, but
    What do you think the fourms would be like if every time a thread died, A part of a mod died with it? O_o
  4. Nah its compleatly random, you olny see about 10% of the spam, 90% gets caught in the filter, which olny mods can see.

    you just notice it when one gets through and the Sections mods arnt on lol.
  5. Is it me or do the people who do spambots check which mods are on and post in the sections they can't be removed from untill a mod from that section gets on?
  6. Sorry mate i cant delete the spam in OT, Like you said its not my section, but i did perma ban the spambot's So they should stop posting, and i put them over skype so when a mod of that section or a purple+ gets on they will clean it up shortly
  7. >_> We got spam in OT, Ik it's not your section, but do you still have the power to remove the spam?
    If you do, there is a page of spam here:
  8. I pity your soul...
  9. hmm thats a tough one. on the one hand, My mother spammed Bon Jovi songs when i was a kid, And as a result i know just about every song start to finish, so as a result i dont really like them. (Drives me mad knowing every word...)

    However as a musician, I gotta appriciate there talent at song writing. They have been consisntantly good with since early stuff to modern stuff.
  10. Bon jovi
    Yes or no
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