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  1. where did you go off 180? i cant see ya anymore? :P
  2. Lol yeah, we are now fighting Rohan, who we never warred before. and Still Crux. Tj and Entropy both declared on Crux so we are working with them to fight crux.

    there is no real dominating alliance atm. Tj, Ent, Crux and Dacia all are equally powerful. Rohan are lacking a little in the mega war city department ive not seen any on the same level as Mentat, SDMF, Bitty, Baz ect. Crux are sore from constant pounding from the 3 of our alliances but holding well. We tryed to gangbang mechadon the other week, But he dodged major damage

    From what ive seen from rohan they mostly have early ssf war citys, ie bout 100-200 mill burns. There are of course exceptions tho. Heres some reports from the last real rohan war city i hit up:

    and another rohan:

    and I hit ET a while back, but the man himself was off becoming a dad i belive.
  3. Ooh nice, but -2bil is just TOO much lmao.

    haha oh you mean you actually have different reds?? Who is the dominating alliance on ss38 these days? well who's the "biggest"

    *sigh* yep gonna be really busy but should be good,

    and no havn't seen him since he quit
  4. Not too shabby, i think SDMF is about -2 bill. which is more then enough for anyone lol.

    The game is pretty much the same, Just Different reds

    sounds like your gonna be pretty busy lol. moving is hard work lol

    seen or heard from GW? Havent seen him in months?
  5. Lmao, i can't go back there.. Its shocking how much my gameplay has changed since moving to 163.

    Considering i run close to a -bil WC these days haha.

    Lifes been good though, moving houses later on in the year so big changes coming up

    Hows you been?
  6. So when are you gonna be done muckin about on new servers and gonna come play with the big boys again? :P

    Hows life been treatin ya mate?
  7. Lol one of the downsides of having a big hero lol,

    Oh of course why did i even ask
  8. lol yeah, i only got that kill on mech cause he didnt have time to switch his main attack hero to his 700 int 1000ish attack stat..... Or id have killed half that

    And of course we are still waring everyone we are Dacia arnt we?
  9. lol i have better mech heroes but they were out of town so just chucked an excal on the one shown lol, was pleased with it,

    Nice archey kill on mech but! lol

    Must still be warring everyone im guessing
  10. Solid hit mate, But the 1k arch was unessicary lol. its olny a layer in that situation and get a bigger mech hero

    But twas good considering hero used

    Heres my last few decent mech hits :P

    had a few more the killed more but got no 10% Defender was online VS both.
    Voodoo is still killin enemy troops LOL
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