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  1. Well who else was I supposed to vote for? Myself? lol
  2. for teh lolz? dude seriously? - So not cool lol
  3. I've figured it out Earls were skipped in the Halloween names... if you look at Furrr, Khalee and Clara they are also Earls and they were on and have posted and they don't have Halloween names either. Oh well, just a name - just wanted to see what it would have been and was wondering why mine hadn't switched over... least it's not driving me crazy anymore lol.
  4. i made several - look at my posts under stats...
  5. You need to make a post
  6. seriously how come i don't have a halloween title?
  7. you don't talk to me anymore

  8. I don't mind being voted out of the mafia game, but you had to vote for me? I'm not even mafia this time *sad*
  9. Hi Hi, haven't talked to you lately... hope your doing well

    I am literally getting this kitty come tuesday and I'm really excited about it and just wanted to share and yes I'm rambling... mmhmm.. Okay fine I'm a bit bored at the moment and I saw you online but the Savannah above I really am getting
  10. not to be a complete and utter pest but have u watched that episode yet? Common it's just 40 minutes out of your life... lol
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