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  1. (Insert sarcastic reply here)
  2. (Insert creepy comment here)
  3. Ouch Gym training whilst hung over ... Not good =( I hope it went ok.
  4. Oh, I posted a reply on my own VMs because I'm stupid.
  5. Well hello there, How is your self on this fine day?
  6. Hello there omnipresent forum member.
  7. I opened Skype up, and searched for your ID. But from what I've gathered you live in England, not France and your Skype ID isn't the same as your ID here on the forum.
  8. This might take a while.... already had to restart skype 10 times and reset my p/w oh and apparently i have no contact or conversations - but i do have 6 new imaginary messages.
  9. I lurk a lot in the group chats. Ill add you when Skype stops PMS'ing and decides to actually work.
  10. I Skype, but rarely. I was in a few of their chat rooms but they were just kinda boring and repetitive. My ID there is the same as it is here I think.
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