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  1. I heard there aren't a ton of players there, so que is a little longer, but you will be one of the few experianced players around. Clan Wars is starting up there too, you could get a really good clan.
  2. yeah i transfered over last night
  3. If you want to transfer your World of Tanks account to SEA, you can do so until the 3rd.
  4. I know right, how did i get mod lmao. (dawn must have a thing for me )
  5. how the gajerbbers did you achieve mod-dom?


    (smart part of brain) "because of all those awesome posts"
    (dumb side of brain) "because dawn has a thing for him"
  6. no idea.

    i think they are re-doing the entire american heavy line
  7. why are they making it premium?
  8. american heavy
  9. the t-34 is becoming premium? the american heavy or the russian medium?
  10. i was thinking of trying to sprint for the t-34 before it becomes premium, but thats probably not going to happen
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