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  1. i actually wanted to leave a visitor message but i just figured out how now hey girl hey <3
  2. Yes, was a month in duration ... the best part is I got suspended without getting an infraction. But look at the bright side, the return of Lucas was so greatly anticipated that we got a forum upgrade. It's obvious that I was to awesome for the old one.
  3. bro, seems you are unbanned. YAY!
  4. I need details in order to agree with you ... btw I decided to migrate to, its nice an active. They even have a thread about your best s3xual experience
  5. I am creative as **** ill blow ur mind lucas!
  6. It isn't my fault that your mind isn't dirty enough!
  7. IT took me a while to figure that kind of week.
  8. When you get with a stud like me you dont get a chance to say i'm done cause they never stop :P
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