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  1. I'll take a look...
  2. Yo...Ot now has a new thread that im sure you will enjoy
  3. But now that Reasoner and Revoltion are mods, i afraid to know who the new guys will be...
  4. Yeah, that is pretty sad...

    Well, as they say, the show must go on. As the mods leave, more will come to replace them.
  5. Yeah, hey you hear bout ghost? Sad to see he retired, now all thats left is bol and he'l retire soon...
  6. LMAO...

    You mean Fluffy and that red guy?

    Don't worry, you'd have my seal of approval if you made the club. LOL
  7. I would if I could, but then I'd have to deal with DawnSeeker, or worse....Thalin!!! And he scares the **** outta me to the point that if I was made out of legos, I would have bricked myself.
  8. lol nice...But I think you already have the requirements to be prinz. Just get 895 more posts and you'll be there. Spam like you never have before! lol
  9. Rofl I hear that. Now all I need to do is gain at least 2 more reps and have a post count of 3000 and Il be able to have prinzessin....and maybe get a doughnut...
  10. Look at my postcount...I have over 7000 posts. LOL

    I think I have about as much experience at spamming as you do...LOL

    But in other news...I need my own Haters Club. LMAO
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