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  1. Hmmm. Trying to figure out exactly how I want to take that comment lmao
  2. That looks delicious!

  3. Oh Hi There
  4. what were the issues caused by the members list? If you're talking about the "rep race" that someone brought up - that can be deactivated on there, so that we can still see who's been online recently and gage activity levels of our friends without having to search for each person...
  5. I'm not versed on how to do that, but I know it was responsible for some major issues with the forum as of late.
  6. bring back member list! Please?

  7. hmph
  8. *pokes you*
  9. So generally, unless you've got a few mil to play around you can only invest in public companies. Ours is private. Also, general stock holders in public companies generally only get to vote on who is on the board and meta issues. I've never heard of a general stockholder influencing a product, nor would I want that happening. Stockholders =/= game developers.
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