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  1. "Taps Norr on shoulder"

    "runs away laughing"
  2. i would give some to you but i have to spread....yeah people give out so much rep now its not even funny
  3. Did you die? I never see you around anymore :O
  4. Merry Christmas
  5. ok cool. i dont really coin so i guess it doesn't apply to me
  6. If you do not want to do it for multiple months but want to coin a decent amount on the account I'd suggest setting the autocents up so you get the free amulets and daily coins then like a week before it expires cancel it so it doesn't take another month of payment from you. For example I generally do this on purchases of above 120 which gives me at least 72 extra amulets and like 12 extra cents everyday then I would have got if I just straight up bought chests no autocents.
  7. Every month it charges you the amount you set the autocents for and gives you all the chests and rewards that come with it. They give you bonuses for the autocents as well such as bonus amulets and they give you daily coins that you can claim and with every month renewed you get a cents bonus for the renewal. The amount of the bonuses gained depends on the amount of the autocents as the higher the amout the higher percentage value of what you spent you get. For example $30 gives you like 13% of that $30 in value in extra cents and amulets and such. $1000 gives you like 50% of that value in cents. You still get all the chests and vestas for each $30 worth as well.
  8. how does auto-cents work exactly
  9. what are your thoughts on the patch?
  10. well neither did rota......

    just stay forever lol
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