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  1. 'ello Lord Weak.

    Sorry for the late reply.
  2. hey JPA remember me?
  3. Appears so...
  4. hey JPA looks likes HYP failed
  5. lol i am calm
  6. It's alright calm down.

    I said I don't care since "whoever's" attempt to impersonate me failed. Not saying it was you anymore.
  7. dude im not JPA32 ask hyena im serious
  8. Well that's not good enough proof since you can lie.

    Honestly it doesn't bother me anymore since it failed badly.
  9. no im not im serious you can go on s100 and ask Hyena and shell say no
  10. Some noob made an account named JPA32 and tried to get into our alliance.

    Your currently the only spy and said you will get into the alliance one way or another.

    I just figured.
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